About the Oasis Community Centre

About the Oasis Community Garden

We have the joy of dreaming the OASIS part and garden into being.

From the original work we did with local school children in developing a landscaping plan for the gardens, we raised the funding to do this extensive work and created a community garden, which is managed and developed mostly by volunters.  

We run two enterprises:

Gardening for Life – growing plants, vegetables, fruit and seeds

Flowers for Life – growing flowers and using these in floristry

We have created the following areas in the OASIS Gardens over the last 7 years:

  • Geodesic Dome Greenhouse
  • Polytunnel Growing Spaces
  • Tyre Beds
  • Raised Vegetable Beds
  • Wonderland Rockery
  • Flowers for Life Growing Beds
  • Wonderland Wildlife World
  • OASIS Orchard
  • Wildflower Reading Area
  • Liquorice Garden
  • Children’s Play House Village
  • Trim Trail
  • Disability Play Area
  • Sunshine Sensory Garden
  • Gazebo Sitting Area
  • Gala/Sports Field
  • Wormery
  • Perennial Plant Beds
  • Composting Ara
  • Herb Garden
  • Children’s Sculptures
  • Rose Garden
  • Chicken Coops
  • Topiary Tales

About The Oasis Community Centre and Church

We are a charity called OASIS Community Church and Centre working on the estate area of Kilton in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

We took on a derelict youth centre and abandoned recreation field and raised the money to renovate and repurpose the site. In 2011 we opened the OASIS Community Centre and Gardens which is now a thriving multi purpose multi function community facility.

We have a community centre with Community cafe room, children’s room. meeting room, computer suite and many other facilities. We also have a beauitful Gardens area with sports space, play park, inclusice play area, gazebo and sensory garden, rose garden, herb garden, wildlife area, dome greenhouse. preschool soft play area, children’s gardens, car park, orchard and trim trail.

We have over 30 different projects running at the centre now working with all ages from babies through to elderly people.  There are projects for volunteers to get involved with from gardening, childrens and youth work, elderly people with different needs, catering, hospitality, administration, publicity, and many other projects.

Our aim is to lift the community from disadvantage into a new level by offering social and community events and activities, educational opportunities, sports and arts opportunities and givign this community a new pride.

Who our charity helps

Children & Young People
Adults of all Ages
Elderly & Older People
People with Disabilities
Families who require Respite
All Ethnic and Racial Origins
The Wider General Public
All of our Fellow Mankind

What our charity does

Charitable Activities
Education & Training
Religious Activities
Disability Assistance
Overseas & Relief Aid
Recreation & Clubs

How our charity works

Provides Community Services
Use of Buildings
Excellent Facilities
Open Outdoor Spaces
Charitable Services
Gardening & Produce
Offer Respite Care Days
Special Family Events


There are now over 30 different groups and activities at the centre as well as it being used for community events, educational courses in arts and crafts, sewing groups, lunch club for older people, Adult and Children’s gardening projects, dance groups for all age groups, computers and birthday parties etc.

There are age based groups for toddlers, children, children with learning difficulties, youth, elderly people etc.  Many needs based groups meet to provide care for Dementia Sufferers, Carers, Child Minders, Alzheimer’s etc.


The Oasis Community Centre continues to create community initiatives throughout the entire year, but we are now known for some of our many amazing annual and seasonal events for all the local community including:

The fabulous Oasis Gala Day, Proms in the Park, Carols By Candlelight, OASIS Kids Fun Days, Holiday Club events, OASIS Night of Honour awards night and many others events.

It has become a busy centre of community life and activity and looks set to continue to provide a heart for the people of Kilton for the future.


Since its opening the OASIS Centre has gained many awards.

Winning an award from the local Lloyds Bank Community challenge and the OASIS Gardens have won several awards including an award from the Local Improvement Scheme, and the Britain in Bloom

Most Inspiring Community Project in the 2014 East Midlands awards and more recently in 2017 the Prestigious Green Flag Award


THE Oasis Community Centre

The Oasis Community Centre
Off Longfellow Drive, Kilton, Worksop, S81 0DE


07795 194957